DevStack Tutorials???

This may be more of a rant than anything, and brings me back a few years when I first began learning the ropes with OpenStack. I particularly remember countless hours of following guides online configuring an Ubuntu virtual machine with the proper permissions and network settings in order to successfully deploy an all-in-one OpenStack instance for testing out various functionality.

One thing was consistent across the multiple guides I found. Simply stated they did not work! And I ended up hacking away at directory permissions and local.conf settings long enough that eventually I would get it up and running. Well this deja vu moment basically resurfaced today after I purchased my OpenStack COA. I need a basic platform I can test against without disrupting my production environment.

Needless to say I couldn’t find a single guide that was relevant to the latest installment of DevStack. Any old guide I followed quite simply, did not work.

After some tinkering and several reverted snapshots I was able to bring up a working instance of DevStack. Which I gotta admit was quite refreshing, considering the struggles I had back in my greenhorn days. So for those OpenStackers looking to get their hands dirty for the first time, or for those who simply want a simple platform for the OpenStack exam preparation, I will be putting together a quickstart guide.

Look forward to this in the next few days.

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