Mark Davies – Recommendation

Chance is a very technically strong and resourceful person. When he initially joined my team, he was assigned the task of building systems, including an intranet linked to our corporate SSO, in the cloud with redundancy and distributed database. For almost free. And he over-delivered, bootstrapping up his knowledge, we […]

Eric Schubert – Recommendation

Chance really understands technology. He has an incredible appetite for learning and personal growth. I’ve worked with Chance for 3 years as part of the Solutions Architect team at CenturyLink. Chance built and maintained our internal facing sales focused cloud help system. He also shined in his customer facing responsibilities […]

Jorn Knutilla – Recommendation

I’m going to be brutally honest right now and tell you that I’m scared. I’m scared about what we’ll do without Chance. Chance’s technical merits are obvious, and indeed impressive. But maybe what’s even more impressive (and important) is his acumen when it comes to supporting a challenging situation. Chance […]

Gavin Lai – Recommendation

“Master Craftsman” is the word comes to my mind when I am writing this recommendation for Chance. During the two and half years that I work with Chance, his abilities in many areas kept amazed me. As part of the Cloud Solutions Architect team, he implemented and maintains the ticketing […]