And so it begins…

Where do I begin?

Those who know me understand I’m a busy person, always involved in a project or multitudes thereof. Over the years those who do follow my work have asked me to post my progress and completed work of said projects. Sadly I have not committed to doing that, this website will be an attempt to do just that.

As well it may serve as a valuable reference point for revisiting projects past that I may need a general refresher on. ie my vanilla world of warcraft server Draeqetha. Fear not I plan on resurrecting soon with a more robust framework.

As of right now I have several projects I’m working on, one of which is my own version of a Tesla Powerwall powered by used laptop 18650 cells. Which will be charged with a 5.5kw solar array I am also in the works of getting installed. This will also offset another ongoing project which is my love of cryptocurrency mining.

Stay tuned, more to come..

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